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I approach my work as an investigation of the methods and process of recording documented and fabricated memory as a place or space in time. Through mapping events, places, text and shadows, I’m interested in creating a final product that remains in transition and seemingly endless.

Utilizing existing visual or statistical data and writing as a system or framework to organize information allows for the ability to create and omit a narrative once it becomes obsolete. Addition and subtraction of information and visual elements provides ambiguity where only part of the narrative is discernable, leaving room for interpretation. The moments I have chosen to document become merely records; likewise, the remnants are only partially existent.

Source material such as aerial maps, homicide statistics, literature/poetry and existing blemishes in a surface provide references of which relationships can be highlighted or fabricated and executed in order to examine connections and networks. Merging hard facts, serendipitous occurrences, technology, and rendering, this work examines the varied forms and experience of memory.